We offer computer repair services to private customers and small business owners.

If your personal computer or notebook is broken, we’ll fix them for low rates. Our on site support service helps in and around Frankfurt

A computer can basically always repaired and is often cheaper than buying a new computer. The prerequisite is, that your desktop computer is not too old. The repair of the computer’s should not exceed the value of the Computer-system, or Laptop. Therefore it’s sometimes more useful purchasing a new one preferred to repair. We provide neutral and independent advice in all aspects of computer repairs in Frankfurt. If you prefer getting your laptop fixed inexpensive, decide for our repair service.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We try our best to solve your computer problems. Feel free to call us or leave a message through our contact form. We’ll get back to you immediately. We think that you will be convinced of our friendly service. Thank you for visiting our page.

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Our computer services including the following:

Computer system repairs notebook maintaining

  • Computer Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Operating system installation
  • Processor check for crashes
  • Processor exchange due to defective
  • Processor upgrade due to poor performance
  • Cleaning of computer cooling system / Fan
  • Computer Fan / Cooler replacement
  • Recover Passwords for Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 if lost or forgotten
  • Replacing the hard disk drive / Upgrade harddisk-drive
  • Backup of the data in system change
  • Backup in case of defect of other components
  • Mainboard Computer / motherboard troubleshooting
  • Main board PC / computer motherboard repair
  • Desktop computer motherboard capacitor replacement
  • PC Motherboard repair or replacement
  • Graphic Cards, replacement, repair
  • Capacitor replacement graphics card
  • Client random access memory (RAM) diagnosis
  • Computer RAM exchange
  • Replacement Computer housing tower
  • Computer virus removal
  • PC Repair Windows Install
  • Reinstalling computer operating system
  • Driver installation including research
  • Computer power supply replacement
  • Removal of virus, Trojans, malware
Hard drive broken? STOP! Do not make it worse!Trust in a data recovery specialist!
If you notice that your files can not be opened or damaged, you should act quickly. It is important to prevent any write operations (eg, downloads, install programs) on the drive. This is the only way to avoid greater losses of your personal data, or they will irretrievably lost. Digital storage media, such as CD, DVD, or hard disk subjected to normal wear and tear. Also today far more data from the hard disk is written, which also constantly need to be read, so the read head is mechanically stressed. That means a wear of mechanical components, resulting in poor performance and readability of files like documents, images, videos, or music.

Therefore, you should always make a backup of important data. If you are planning such and do not know how you do, talk to us.

Examples of defective or damaged disk:

  • Hard drive makes clicking noise
  • Mechanical hard drive failure
  • Damaged disk surface
  • Accidental deletion of data files
  • Damaged file system
  • Laptop Data Recovery
  • Inaccessible system files
  • External hard drive turns on, but shows no files
  • How do you recognize disk error

Apple Mac Data Recovery
Is my Apple iMac, Mac Mini, Power Book, iBook, or Mac Book Pro / Air safe in data loss?
Also, users of Apple computers and laptops are no exception. Hardware failure affect them unexpected as well as other Windows users usually. For it is only understandable since the hard drives usually come from the same manufacturers. Therefore precautions are also required, so you will not suffer the fate of many others.

Are USB flash drives safe?

They are now saying that USB sticks have no mechanical components, thus virtually no wear occurs and therefore are safe. Therefore, many use the convenient and portable storage media to back up the data on these. But unfortunately, USB sticks are not exempt from failures and defects. Because most already reaches a short circuit, so that their data is lost. These are not visible, the data does not mean that you can not be restored. Memory chips can also be damaged due to various causes. For this reason, USB sticks should only used as an additional security measure.

GVU-, BKA-, Police,- Federal police trojans, virus?

We often get calls because a Trojan has infected the computer. We understand the concerns worried callers, because it is endorsed on the locked screen with supposedly the highest official logo of the federal government, the police or the Federal Criminal Police that they had committed a crime. And now a payment via a prepaid service as Ukash, or paysafecard  would be necessary to unlock the screen and pay for his crime. Often the infection is carried by a drive-by download. The process happens unnoticed on sites like movi2k.to, or other video-sharing sites that spread or offer copyrighted material for free.

The screen is now locked, it will require a payment and you are scared?

The newest Trojan is as GVU (Society for the prosecution of copyright infringement) Trojans go. Is communicated to the person affected user in the screen that he had committed an infringement of copyright. The scam is always the same. It is fueled panic, a relatively small sum demanded, at the threshold for many sufferers is low, who pay.

Our advice: Do not pay anything!

Do not react in panic and pay in any case! The money you will never see again! The second problem is that the Trojans does not disappear after a payment and the screen is still locked.

Better: call us in such a case. We remove the virus quickly and inexpensively. For suppose there is a payment of 100, – EUR of the blackmailer requested, you pay us usually only about 35,-70,- Euro for the computer unblocking and cleaning of the PC. We also tell you what security measures you need to take for surfing the net secure. You not only save money, also your nerves and have a good feeling when you surf the Internet again.

Internet, network

Whether you want to surf the Internet with multiple computers easily, encrypt your WiFi, want to share documents, print to a network printer, or surf the web wireless. We can help you, configure and install you Internet line. You may want to change your Internet Service Provider (ISP), need help for assistance in selecting the right provider and plans, or have recently received a DSL connection and do not know the installation and configuration. Even if you need to wait your Internet connection with the provider several weeks, we configure your devices within 24 hours of their operational connection.

If you want to have a new DSL Internet subscription plan about us (we come here only as an agent and are paid by the provider), we install the Internet devices for free!

The majority of Internet users today has an DSL connection and connects via a modem router with wireless LAN functionality ago. Wireless connections are very popular, not least because a cable no longer use. The device is also made quick and easy way of mobile surfing with computer, laptop, smart phone at home.

These WLANs are protected only inadequate. Either a weak encryption type is selected, or the password is configured for simplicity on a word like „Internet“.

In the worst case, the password is omitted entirely, which is very negligent.

Of course, these safeguards are inadequate. If one thinks of the own use of the Internet, you will realize that you are here negligence. Also here you open the door to so-called „War-diver“ (the unauthorized user access to foreign WLAN’s). As the owner of the misuse of the internet DSL line can be made by foreign liable.

If you are unsure if your WiFi connection is secured (sufficient), please contact us. We can also help with a router changes, or if you do not know the wireless password, or no longer access the router menu.

Our assistance also extends to areas where their wireless connection is poor and you can not connect, for example, in another room, or floor because the ceilings are made ​​of reinforced concrete.

If you always wanted to learn more about VoIP (Internet telephony) choose us.

Internet telephony is an excellent mobile way and independent from landline telephone and computer telephony. And at unbelievably low prices. International calls often cost less than a call-by-call conversation in Germany. Often, these even included in the package price of a subscription fee, or can be booked at a fixed price. The technique also allows to use existing VoIP number abroad (for example, which can also be localized their telecom phone number that you can take to a VoIP provider) . Because VoIP works with any Internet provider, regardless of the location.

Internet telephony does not means that you call with headphones, headset, or a microphone, but as usual with their land-line phone. This are only small configuration changes to your router (if you already have one) and needed to make phone calls within minutes.

This technique of telephoning is also suitable for use on a smartphone. Provided, however, that you already have a tariff with Internet access. In this case, you can even do without their existing land-line connection and are accessible anytime, anywhere on their land-line number.

Our services for you:

  • Advice in general questions
  • Check the Internet connection
  • Hardware consultancy to required equipment
  • Procurement of hardware
  • Procurement of required equipment
  • Advice to VoIP providers and tariffs
  • Configuration of the phone and router
 Interested in the issues of computer hardware, software, printers, Internet, audio, video, and want to learn more?

Training courses are offered, computer help and tutoring in all areas of IT. No matter what age and your level of knowledge is. Learn easily and understand everything about operating system, email, Internet applications, or Office (e.g. the correct letter generation).

Maybe you are interested in IT security, want to keep personal information secure or encrypt their entire operating system and do not know how to proceed. If you have concerns about your privacy, because you will be greeted on websites with personal name and want to deal with that, we show you how to avoid. Or always wanted to know how to surf anonymously? We also show you how you can easily store their countless passwords without making them visible in the browser for everyone.

Also on technical devices such as smart phone, cell phone, webcam, DVD player, hard disk recorder, TV, we can help. We take time for you, so you can learn with ease. We try to answer every question comprehensive and comprehensible.

We provide you all documents for teaching and needed tools.